Ark Mori Building in Tokyo

Photo of Ark Mori Building in Tokyo, Kanto
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz/Artefaqs Corporation
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Ark Mori Building

1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
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At 37 stories, the Ark Mori Building isn't short, but its design still goes to great lengths to emphasize its height. The facade is vertical concrete fins with recessed windows. The black-and-white color contrast helps draw the eye upward to the crown of the building which fairs out, giving the viewer an even more exaggerated sense of its stature. The building is designed to resemble twin towers linked at the middle, and slightly offset from each other. One side is one story taller than the other, so if they were twin towers one would be 37 stories, the other 36. Like all Mori buildings, it has the company brand at the top.

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