Life Tower in Tokyo

Photo of Life Tower in Tokyo, Kanto
Photograph � Wayne Lorentz/Artefaqs Corporaiton
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Tokyo // 東京

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Life Tower
Also known as:River Pier Azumabashi Life Tower

1-23-30 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan
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The life of an anonymous office block in Tokyo is not an easy one. Each day thousands of people pass by you without so much as a second glance. It's worse if you happen to be Azumabashi's Life Tower. This plain-Jane building has to stand behind the Asahi Beer Tower, the Asahi Super Dry Hall, and the Sumida Ward Office -- three of the best pieces of architecture in the metropolis. The Life Tower is more often regarded as being in the way of a good picture than contributing to the architectural beauty of the area. Still, all is not lost. The building is a sizable presence in the area, and has corners that are inset to create additional corners and increase the available sunlight. Not every tower can be a work of art. The world needs work-horse office buildings, too.

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