Tokyo Metropolitan Government Aseembly Hall
2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
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This building is the great curve which unifies the Tokyo Metropolitan Government complex. From above it appears as a large square jutting out from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Tower One. Cut out from this square is a large semi-circular courtyard. The thin edges are formed into skywalks into the large tower which frame the public space below. In that space are a number of statues depicting such themes as a modern Adam and Eve. The actual assembly is housed in a large metal-clad structure which cantilevers out over the plaza from above the curve of the portico. From below, it's like a giant metal hockey puck, or the head of a science fiction robot, especially with its cycloptic eye of a window staring across the expanse of the plaza below. The modern building you see today replaced an old squat three-story concrete block which served the government for decades.

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