Yodobashi Camera Head Store
Also known as:Yodobashi Main West Shop
1-11-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
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Yodobashi Camera is a mecca for electronics enthusiasts and those just looking for a bargain without having to dig through the used equipment stalls of Akihabara. Like similar stores in Tokyo, it is a confusing maze of light and sound where everything from computers to rice cookers to robots and even washing machines can be had.

This headquarters store in Shinjuku opened in 1975 and shows the ill effects of expanding into neighboring buildings, so the levels don't always match up and getting from one side of the store to the other make take several tries for the first-time visitor.

Architecturally, it's hard to say much about this building because there's so little of it to see. Outside, the ground floor walls are actually metal shutters that roll up to open the interior showroom floor as a gallery to the busy businesspeople shuffling off to Shinjuku Station. Above the ground floor, the entire exterior is covered by illuminated posters and neon lights. Inside, the walls are coated with display cases, more posters, and fluorescent lighting. This isn't a building meant to be admired from a distance. It's one that's best experienced by diving in and wandering though the electric consumer paradise.

Quick Facts
    > This store is consistently ranked as one of the largest discount electronics stores in the world. Where exactly it ranks fluctuates since stores are opening and closing all the time in various parts of the world.
    > In 2005 when Yodobashi opened a new store in Akihabara, 5,000 people lined up before the doors even opened.
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