Ariake Colosseum
Also known as:Ariake Tennis no Mori
Also known as:Ariake Tennis Forest Park
2-2-22 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Japan
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Sometimes called the "Wimbeldon of Tokyo" Ariake Colosseum is well known as a major tennis venue, but it is actually a multi-purpose facility. The colosseum hosts the Japan Open as well as boxing matches and the occasional concert. When the weather is nice, the roof can be opened. It is closed when the wind off Tokyo Bay is high enough to interfere with tennis balls in play. If you're into the sport, you can rent one of the facility's 48 tennis courts by the hour to exercise your sporting fantasies.

The building seems artificially low because of its gently curving roof line and the gentle slope of the interior seating area as it leads down to the main court. The roof is in two curved pieces one that slides beneath the other when retracted. It's not fancy or stunning, but it gets the job done. Keeping a low profile is probably good considering the wind and occasional typhoons that the building can be subjected to because of its location. Japan has a history of producing some stunning and original stadia, but this one falls a little flat.

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  My KISS tribute band played the Ariake Colosseum in the Summer of 1996. It was AWESOME.

Ash - Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 @ 9:28pm